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Signia encourages those who wear their hearing aids to take life in stride, which is a philosophy developed over more than 140 years. Sivanto is the parent company of Signia, developed in Singapore in 1878. Sivanto partnered with Siemens for a period of time before returning to its status as an independent hearing aid manufacturer in 2015.

Since then, six top hearing aid brands are among those produced by the company, including Signia.

Signia Combines Discretion, Style and Performance Innovations

Among the most significant contributions made to hearing aid technology comes from Signia’s commitment to providing stylish and discrete hearing wear without sacrificing performance.

Their designs allow for BTE and ITC devices with sophisticated form, graceful lines, a refined fit and true-to-life hearing experience meant to allow you to hear what matter most to you. Among Signia’s innovative technologies is the world’s first acoustic motion sensors designed to enhance sound quality and clarity while you are walking, running or moving around.

Own Voice Processing (OVP) helps distinguish the users voice from those around them, providing a more natural sounding experience. Signia also leads the way when it comes to recharging solutions with greater battery longevity, quicker charging and greater convenience.

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Hearing Solutions Available

Several hearing solutions are available through Signia, including:

  • Digital Technology at Signia allows for better sound quality and clarity with acoustic motion sensors and OVP for a more natural hearing experience.
  • Discrete Wearing, comfort and style are trademark features of Signia hearing aids, which utilize micro-digital technology in hearing aids designed to suit your lifestyle and personal preferences.
  • SmartPhone Connectivity using Signia for iPhone or StreamLine Mic for Android as well as StreamLine TV allow you to get the highest quality of sound to integrate all of your digital devices for greater sound quality and clarity as well as discrete sound quality adjustment.

Signia’s TeleCare Remote Support

Signia keeps up with the trends as the hearing care industry shifts toward tele-audiology and other safe options in place of traditional in-office support due to COVID 19 protocols.

With TeleCare, accessed via the Signia app, you can keep up-to-date with your hearing care provider for ongoing counseling and support without the necessity of an office visit.

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Hearing care takes on various forms at Fox Valley ENT. One of them is fitting our patients with Signia hearing aids. After a comprehensive hearing assessment, our experts are able to help you choose the hearing technology best suited for your condition, lifestyle and preferences.

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