Phonak Hearing Devices in Algonquin, Elgin, St. Charles and Huntley

With more than 70 years of experience under their belt since their founding, Phonak has used the knowledge gained through their development of wireless communication to drive the philosophy that “life is on.”

Building on innovations like AudioZoom (multi-microphone), MicroLink (first tiny FM receiver) and SmartLink (Bluetooth integration, Phonak has maintained their place among the leaders in hearing aid technology.

Phonak Technological Innovations Provide Cutting-Edge Audio Solutions

Since launching the capacity for wireless connectivity in 2003, Phonak has pushed the envelop to develop bionic systems with the latest in digital technology for natural, effortless hearing. Their Canal Receiver Technology provides individuals with severe hearing loss a smaller, more discrete option without sacrificing quality and clarity.

The creation of water-resistant housings are another Phonak development, allowing for increased wearing versatility. Combining this innovation with nanotechnology allowed them to develop Lyrix, extended wear hearing aids. Binaural VoiceStream Technology led to better sound distinguishing in all environments. Additional innovations include tinnitus management technology, advanced recharging capabilities and streaming capabilities.

Phonak’s most advanced instruments deliver an unrivaled hearing experience with crisp, natural sound, brilliant speech understanding and dynamic noise canceling to enhance life for their hearing aid wearers.

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Hearing Solutions Available

Several hearing solutions are available through Phonak, including:

  • Digital Technology at Phonak has been a major part of enhanced performance and crisper more natural sound since 2003 and its further development drives hearing aid innovation.
  • Discrete Wearing was redefined by their development of the first 65 nanometer chip, which led to the development of Lyric continuous-wear hearing aids as well as other discrete wearing options.
  • SmartPhone Connectivity provided by Marvel provides seamless streaming from iPhone, Android and countless Bluetooth enabled devices with stereo quality.

Remote Support Using myPhonak

Due to COVID 19 protocols, hearing care has shifted from in-office visits to tele-audiology and other safe options.

As a part of their commitment to keeping you safer, myPhonak allows you to connect with ongoing counseling and support from the manufacturer and your hearing care provider without the necessity of an office visit.

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Hearing care takes on various forms at Fox Valley ENT. One of them is fitting our patients with Phonak hearing aids. After a comprehensive hearing assessment, our experts are able to help you choose the hearing technology best suited for your condition, lifestyle and preferences.

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