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Studies Show Link Between Hearing Loss and Mental Decline

Hearing loss is so common that it’s long been considered a normal part of the aging process and no great cause for alarm. But studies from Johns Hopkins University have found links between hearing loss, cognitive decline, and dementia. That means that it may be a greater health threat than imagined and that measures as simple as hearing aids could have a huge influence on healthy brain function.

“Hearing loss shouldn’t be considered an inconsequential part of aging,” said Dr. Frank Lin, assistant professor at Johns Hopkins and an otologist and epidemiologist who studies the effects of hearing loss on older adults.



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Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

A recent study suggests that 1 in 8 Americans have some level of hearing loss. Therefore, it is important to have your hearing tested regularly. The latest recommendations suggest that you should have your hearing professionally assessed every 12 months. Your hearing care is in safe hands with Fox Valley’s team of doctors and audiologists on your side. From hearing assessments to more advanced services, Fox Valley ENT can provide all your hearing care.


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Expert Balance Care

Whether you are experiencing room-spinning dizziness or you are sometimes losing your balance, it can damage your confidence and your freedom. Many people do not know that the balance organs are inside the ears! So they do not know to see their ENT physician for balance problems. 


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Head & Neck Surgery

With any medical procedure, you want to be confident that you’re in the best hands possible. Our team of doctors use advanced technology and are established as some of the most respected surgeons in Illinois.


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Hearing Aid Technology

The huge developments in technology now mean that hearing aids are incredibly small and sometimes barely visible. They boast Smart technology that allows you to connect to your smartphone and gives you the ability to stream music, phone calls, or even your television directly into your hearing aids.


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Sinus Surgery

If you regularly suffer from sinus problems, you know the constant frustration of not feeling healthy – whether it’s a runny nose, blocked ears, or sinus pressure, you just want to feel normal again and with sinus surgery, you can be back to your old self quickly and effectively.


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It can be confusing to know exactly what your insurance covers you for and what it doesn’t with so many different policies, packages, and small print. That’s why we can help.



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What Happens At A Hearing Test?

What Happens At A Hearing Test?

You’ve had your suspicions for some time – your hearing just doesn’t seem as sharp as usual. Fortunately, you’ve taken the correct next step and made an appointment for a hearing test. Unfortunately, that’s also when your nerves kicked in, and the butterflies have...

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The Different Types of Hearing Loss

The Different Types of Hearing Loss

Approximately 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. That’s a significant amount of people, and one might assume that the cause of their hearing loss is all the same. But when it comes to hearing loss, one size does not fit all. Sure, some of the early...

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The Different Types of Hearing Aids/Styles

The Different Types of Hearing Aids/Styles

If the thought of wearing hearing aids makes you want to hide in a dark, dreary corner, then let us at Fox Valley ENT show you the light. Thanks to modern technology, hearing aids are rapidly becoming mainstream devices. They come equipped with some amazing features...

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