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As a part of General Acoustics Company of Denmark, Oticon founder, Hans Demant began distributing hearing aids in 1904 as electric Acousticon devices. In partnership with American Charles Lehman, American-Danish Oticon Corporation became a leading provider of hearing aids after World War II.

Oticon became a global company in 1965 and introduced the first ultra-discreet in-the-ear hearing device in 1977. Oticon’s first digital device was available in 1996. In Oticon’s 103rd year, they produced the first devices with improved sound sensitivity and connectivity to mobile phones, and music players.

The major focus of Oticon as they move forward within their second century is Brain Hearing and providing Life Changing Technology to hearing aid users.

Oticon’s People First Approach Leads Their Technological Innovations

The philosophy of Brain Hearing, developed by Oticon, relates to supporting how your brain processes sound by giving it the essential elements to create meaning from sounds rather than blasting it with higher volume of sounds.

Oticon’s Opn solution, showcased in 2016, provided an enhanced capacity to distinguish multiple speakers within a noisy environment, and was the first hearing device with internet connectivity using the IFTTT (If This Then That) Network. Tinnitus SoundSupport is another of the solutions Oticon uses in their people first approach.

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Hearing Solutions Available

Several hearing solutions are available through Oticon, including:

  • Digital Technology at Oticon has been around for almost 25 years, allowing time to develop a higher quality sound and instrument performance.
  • Discrete Wearing is possible with smaller devices that incorporate smarter micro-digital technology.
  • SmartPhone Connectivity using ConnectClip makes it possible to integrate all of your digital devices for enhanced sound quality and clarity while IFTTT connectivity allows you more control over an independent and rewarding lifestyle.

Oticon’s Genie Remote Support

As the hearing care industry shifts away from in-office visits to tele-audiology and other safe options due to COVID 19 protocols, hearing aid manufacturers are keeping in step. Oticon’s Genie fitting and counseling tool helps your hearing care provider fit as well as provide ongoing counseling and support without the necessity of an office visit.

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